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Equal opportunities through quality assurance

Communication and assurance of the implementation of the criteria catalogue in the faculties


  • Integration into the target and perforamnce agreements with the faculties
  • Establishment of a committee to accompany and comment on (re-)accreditation applications from a gender and diversity perspective in cooperation with GeStiK
  • Systematic integration of the (de)central gender equality officers and gender and diversity experts in the preparation of the (re-)accreditation applications and in the assessment processes

Information, counselling and further training of all participants in relation to gender competence

Ensuring professional competence

  • Maintenance and expansion of professorships with gender and diversity denominations in all faculties
  • Sustainable support of GeStiK (Gender Studies in Cologne)
  • Development of a lecturing pool for gender- and diversity-related teaching in cooperation with GeStiK

Sustainable quality assurance

  • Systematic integration of the gender and diversity perspective in data collection, analysis and monitoring, e.g: Course of studies, evaluation of teaching and study programmes, labour market analyses
  • Integration of central elements in the target and performance agreements with faculties in order to specify objectives and provide incentives (and sanctions) for the achievement of objectives

Securing available resources

  • Ensuring specific resources for the integration of equal opportunities in teaching
  • Continuing resources for gender equality, family friendliness and gender and diversity research
  • Development of structures and resources for a comprehensive diversity management system